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Chickasaw Judge, Sherry Abbott Todd, Takes Oath

Sherry Abbott Todd was recently sworn in by Chickasaw Nation Supreme Court Chief Justice Cheri Bellefeuille-Gordon.

Sherry Abbott Todd knows she makes a difference in the lives of those she sees every day. The Chickasaw way is to nurture, support and lift up families and as Special Judge of the District Court of the Chickasaw Nation, Todd works toward those goals.

“It is the Chickasaw way to treat the family unit. I honor this position, I honor this Nation and honor the families that make up our great Nation,” she said. “We always look at situations in a positive light. The job is also one where you can illustrate to people that bad choices make for bad consequences. To change those consequences, other choices must be made,” Todd said just prior to taking the oath of office for another 3-year term.

Appointed by justices of the Chickasaw Nation Supreme Court, Todd’s experience will again be tapped by the Nation as she begins a new term.

Todd, a Chickasaw citizen, served as the assistant attorney general of the state of Oklahoma and was formerly assistant district attorney for Oklahoma County. She had also been serving as the Magistrate of the District Court of the Chickasaw Nation since 2004.

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Chickasaw Nation Supreme Court Chief Justice Cheri Bellefeuille-Gordon administered the oath of office at the tribal Judicial Building in Ada, Oklahoma in a ceremony attended by several of Todd’ family members, friends, colleagues and co-workers.?She was named Special Judge of the District Court of the Chickasaw Nation in 2011, replacing Dustin P. Rowe who was named Chickasaw Nation District Judge.?Todd graduated from East Central University with a bachelor’s degree in education. She served Byng schools as an instructor for several years.

She earned her law degree from the University of Oklahoma.

Todd’s family has a long history of serving the tribe. All of her siblings work for the Chickasaw Nation with the exception of her sister, Darla Abbott Porter, who is employed at First United Bank. Porter was by her sister’s side holding the Holy Bible while Todd swore the oath of office.

Her late father, Joe Kent Abbott, was a tribal legislator and business manager. Her late uncle, Barney Abbott Jr., was a judge for the tribe.