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Cheyenne River Youth Project offers six paid internships.

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EAGLE BUTTE, S.D. - The Cheyenne River Youth Project in Eagle Butte is offering six paid internships in the areas of mental health, the arts, wellness, literacy, sustainable systems and social enterprises. These internships are part of a new program - funded by Christian Relief Services Charities - that gives community members the opportunity to develop on-the-job skills and receive valuable training while they work with CRYP's dedicated team to create effective and inspiring youth and teen programs.

''We're understandably excited about providing this experience,'' said Julie Garreau, CRYP's executive director. ''We're also eager to use this program as a way to get the community involved in providing solutions to our youth project's short- and long-term needs.

''As a grass-roots organization, we truly believe that the Cheyenne River community will best be able to guide us in terms of where we need to go,'' she continued. ''We'll be relying on these new interns to contribute to constructive problem-solving, program development and raising awareness as CRYP moves forward into its 21st year.''

This learning opportunity is open to all community members age 21 and older who want to learn more about working with youth as well as the management of a not-for-profit organization. All internship positions are entry-level, and interns will work with supervision and guidance. Areas of training will include budget preparation, grant management, volunteer coordination, program development, youth crisis prevention and advocacy.

The mental health intern will work with a licensed professional counselor to develop effective programming in the area of youth mental health, addressing issues such as depression, anxiety, anger management and crisis/suicide prevention.

The arts intern will work with staff and volunteers to develop creative programs for youth who wish to develop their artistic talents or who simply wish to learn more about the arts. Examples of activities include ceramics, painting, crafts and dance.

The wellness intern will work with qualified health professionals, staff and volunteers to address issues of nutrition and basic health among CRYP's youth and teen participants. Responsibilities will include planning daily meals, coordinating with staff working in the 2.5-acre, naturally grown Winyan Toka Win garden and coordinating activities in the gymnasium.

The literacy intern will assist CRYP in the development of the libraries in The Main youth center and Cokata Wiconi teen center. Activities will include selecting age-appropriate books, developing shelving and organizational systems, and coordinating library hours when the facilities are open.

The sustainable systems intern primarily will be responsible for the Winyan Toka Win garden. In addition to assisting CRYP with the preparation and planting of the acreage, the intern will work with volunteers and youth in the garden during the growing and harvesting seasons. The intern also will coordinate CRYP's weekly farmer's market.

The social enterprises intern will be involved in the development of all CRYP-operated fundraising efforts, such as the Cokata Wiconi Gift Shop and Internet Cafe. The intern will play a role in developing business plans for these operations, and he or she will assist in managing these operations during Cokata Wiconi's open hours.

Interns will be expected to work 32 to 34 hours per week and will receive an hourly wage of $9. In addition, interns who complete the first year of the program will receive a $1,000 educational bonus. Interns who complete a full second year will receive an additional $1,500. Educational bonuses may be used to pay for tuition, purchase books, attend conferences or support a variety of other educational activities.

Interested candidates are encouraged to submit a letter of reference and a brief resume to Garreau at Applicants also are welcome to visit CRYP in person.

''When any organization offers an internship, its goal is to offer an educational opportunity,'' Garreau said. ''We want to teach, so the desire to learn will be an applicant's greatest advantage.''

For more information, call (605) 964-8200 or visit