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Cherokee Nation Tribal Council to Use Third Party in Run-Off Election


At a recent tribal council meeting on July 12, the Cherokee Nation Tribal Council approved a resolution specifically designed to improve public confidence in the election process.

The measure was a critical step after the recent election left uncertainties and with a run-off election coming up.

“During the last several days the Cherokee people have voiced concern to their representatives of the alleged mistakes that happened in the previous election,” said Meredith Frailey, Speaker of the Cherokee Nation Tribal Council. “This resolution is a first step in answering those questions and concerns in time for the upcoming run-off election.”

With this resolution the tribe is able to bring in an independent election service organization. The hopes are to provide the Cherokee Nation citizens a fair and efficient run-off election. The stipulation in the resolution was the third party organization must have a high reputation in election matters and no previous dealings with the Cherokee Nation.

“The Cherokee people deserve to know that their elections are fair and credible,” Frailey said. “They need assurance that each vote is counted and canvassed correctly. This resolution is meant to help ensure a verifiable run-off election.”