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Cherokee Nation Simplifies Job Search

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The Cherokee Nation is cutting the unnecessary red tape associated with job searching with its new initiative, “Jobs Well Done.”

The program offers training, employment and placement services for Cherokee citizens. A central job bank connects an individual to hundreds of jobs within the Cherokee Nation or Cherokee Nation Businesses (CNB). Adding a personal touch, a recruiter contacts each applicant to discuss his or her career goals.

A partnership between the Cherokee Nation and CNB, it is the first of its kind among Indian tribes, simplifying the process of becoming gainfully employed.

“We want to continue to give Cherokee people the tools they need to help themselves and others at the same time,” said Chad Smith, Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, in a statement. “The best service our government can offer its citizens is a job. Work allows them to take care of their families and be an asset in their communities. The Jobs Well Done program helps immediately link Cherokees with good-paying jobs, or training and mentoring to build successful long-term careers.”

Jobs Well Done increases employment through five methods. It connects individuals with jobs inside Cherokee Nation or CNB that match a person’s skill set; establishes a day training program that provides immediate on-the-job experience and a paycheck; provides vocational and educational assistance; offers counseling for career path development; and emphasizes internships within the Cherokee Nation or CNB.

“This is a way to connect our citizens immediately with the program that best fits a person’s situation,” Smith said. “Whether it’s a full-time job, immediate employment in the day training program, a mentorship, training or other service, Jobs Well Done is an innovative way to put Cherokees to work.”

Other features include vocational training, an internship program, career path development and a day training program for those who can work immediately and earn a paycheck the same day.

“Our people are our greatest resource,” Smith said. “Cherokees are intelligent, resourceful and want to work. This program is going to help place those people in the right positions or give them the resources to advance their careers in other ways.”

For more information about the Jobs Well Done program or to register your profile, visit or call 1 (855) 487-JOBS (5627).