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Cherokee Nation Marshals arrest murder suspect, uncover drug lab

TAHLEQUAH, Okla. - Jeffery Wayne Leaf has been arrested by Cherokee Nation Marshals in connection with the murder of Olen Lee Kennedy.

Authorities reported that Leaf allegedly shot Kennedy following an altercation. Officers from Sequoyah County Oklahoma called Cherokee Nation marshals to the scene on Oct. 27. The marshals identified Leaf as the suspect and began searching for him in the surrounding area, officials said.

"They found us, we didn't find them," David Roberts, director of the Cherokee Nation Marshal Service said. "They (Leaf's friends) said, 'We've been looking for you.' Leaf said he would only surrender to Cherokee Nation Marshals."

The FBI was present at the arrest. "There was a peaceful surrender to the ultimate violent situation, solely because the Cherokee Nation was the authority on the scene," Roberts said.

Leaf is in federal custody.

"The FBI has a very strong relationship with the Cherokee Nation Marshal Service," Gary Johnson, an agency spokesman said. "We rely and appreciate the strong relationship with the Cherokee Nation Marshal service, which aids us greatly in investigating major crimes that do occur on Indian country lands."

Information supplied by the Cherokee Nation marshals led the FBI to discover a methamphetamine lab on the property where the shooting took place.

Johnson said he couldn't comment on the methamphetamine lab because the case was still under investigation.