Cherokee Nation employee receives presidential appointment


TAHLEQUAH, Okla. -- A Cherokee Nation employee and tribal citizen recently
received a presidential appointment to serve in Washington, D.C.

Chris Walker has been appointed to the position of senior advisor on Indian
health affairs to the director of IHS through the Office of the Secretary
of Health and Human Services.

"I was honored to be asked to serve in this type of capacity," Walker said
during a reception in his honor at the Cherokee Nation tribal complex in

Walker has been serving as the senior director of health policy, planning
and development for the Cherokee Nation, and has been an employee of
Cherokee Nation Health Services for the past eight years. During this time
he also served as the executive director of the Nowata Primary Health Care

IHS Director Charles Grim said he was pleased with Walker's appointment and
looking forward to the two working together.

"In this position Mr. Walker will advise and assist me in many areas,
especially in the execution and implementation of strategic initiatives,
policies and critical issues," Grim said. "He will also be involved in
assisting the IHS in health program development between the tribes and
state governments."

"I look forward in assisting Native American communities in improving their
health status," Walker, who holds a Master of Social Work degree from the
University of Oklahoma, said.