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Cherokee Nation doctor assists Haitian refugees

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SANFORD, Fla. – A Cherokee Nation physician was among a team of medical professionals recently sent to Florida to assist in the effort to provide care to refugees arriving from Haiti after that country’s devastating earthquake.

Dr. Anna Miller, a physician at Cherokee Nation W.W. Hastings Hospital in Tahlequah, served as the medical team leader for a 24-person crew, which included 12 officers from the U.S. Public Health Service.

“The recent devastation of the earthquake in Haiti has caused many Haitians to search for aide. Dr. Anna Miller recently made the trip to Florida to assist in providing this much needed care,” said Dr. Charles Grim, senior director for Cherokee Nation W.W. Hastings Hospital. “We were honored that Dr. Miller participated. She not only provided her professional expertise, but also shared her compassion for those affected. She is a phenomenal physician as well as a humble humanitarian.”

The group’s mission was to provide medical triage and treatment to more than 1,000 displaced Haitians needing medical care.

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“The medical team was great,” Miller said. “In general, all of the people we saw were very grateful.”