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Cherokee Fighter Wesley Nofire Wins Second Professional Boxing Match

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Wesley Nofire, Cherokee, won his second win as a professional heavyweight boxer by knocking out David Fuller on November 18 at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa's "The Joint."

The Cherokee Phoenix reports that Nofire knocked out Fuller in 41 seconds of the first round with a right cross.

“I just walked out there and got a good look at our opponent and felt him out real quick,” Nofire told the Phoenix. “I was seeing if he was going to rush at me or stand there and box. He stayed back at first and I hit him with a few nice jabs. The moment he rushed in, I gave myself some distance and I hit him with a few more jabs. Then I saw an opening for a right, I landed it and that was the end of the fight.”

Nofire, a Sequoyah High School graduate, got his first professional win at “The Joint” back on Aug. 26 with a first round knockout against mixed martial artist Marc Webb.

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His father Sherman told the Phoenix that he's proud to see his son become a professional boxer and represent his tribe in a positive way.

“That’s something he (Wes) really feels strongly about and wants to do, is represent the tribe real well,” Sherman said. “He’s proud of his heritage and that is really important to him.”

For more information on Nofire, visit his Facebook page.