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Chemtrade makes major donation to Arapaho Educational Trust

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The Arapaho Educational Trust has received $15,000 from Chemtrade Refinery Services, Inc., a business operating on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming. This represents the first major gift from outside entities toward the trust’s capital campaign.

The Arapaho Educational Trust started an $8 million capital campaign this year to build an endowment to support the higher educational needs of the 9,000 Northern Arapaho people on the reservation.

“This $15,000 donation is part of our effort to support the community, and we hope it will provide a real incentive for other businesses in the area to support the Arapaho Educational Trust Capital Campaign,” said David Luzmoor, the local plant manager for Chemtrade. “Chemtrade is committed to responsible stewardship of our sulfuric acid plant property, and our commitment includes community outreach and support for enriching the lives of community residents.”

Five years ago, Chemtrade purchased the sulfuric acid plant three miles west of Riverton, which was formerly operated by Susquehanna-Western. The plant produces commercial sulfuric acid and ultra pure acid. The commercial sulfuric acid from the plant is mainly used in oil refineries, for water treatment, and for other industrial and agricultural applications. The ultra pure acid is used for manufacturing computer chips.

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The endowment had received more than $780,000 from the tribal gaming operations by the end of September 2010, which results from a decision by the Arapaho Business Council to give three percent of net revenue from the casinos to support the capital campaign. The trust also received $5,000 from Marathon Oil, a long-time supporter of the Sky People Higher Education Program.

“We started this campaign to support our programs that prepare our people for college and then provide them with scholarships to help them remain in college,” said Merle Haas, Sky People director. “College costs are rising, and it is a common misconception that Indians go to college for free. This is not true. Education is the key to improving conditions and self-sufficiency for the Arapaho people. The donation from Chemtrade is a great opportunity for the Arapaho Educational Trust Capital Campaign. We look forward to continued support for many years to come.”

Sky People Higher Education created the Arapaho Educational Trust, a nonprofit organization, to accept donations. To receive a brochure or find out more, contact Sky People Development Coordinator Jola WallowingBull at (307)-332-5286 or e-mail

Based in Toronto, Canada, Chemtrade is a diversified business providing industrial chemicals and services to customers in North America and around the world. It is one of North America’s largest suppliers of sulphuric acid, liquid sulphur dioxide and sodium hydrosulphite, and a leading processor of spent acid. Chemtrade is also a regional supplier of sulphur, sodium chlorate, phosphorous pentasulphide, and zinc oxide.