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Chemehuevi Indian Tribe, California

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San Bernardino County officials are seeking to recover nearly $200,000 spent in law enforcement costs from the promoters of an all night rave party that resulted in five deaths and numerous injuries. Sheriff Gary Penrod and First District Supervisor Bill Postmus submitted a bill this month for $198,161 to the promoters of the Nocturnal Wonderland Festival and to the chairman of the Chemehuevi Tribal Council. The 14-hour rave party that drew more than 20,000 people on Labor Day weekend on a mile-long landing strip on reservation land. Five people were killed and sheriff's deputies arrested 82 people. There also were numerous traffic accidents and several serious injuries, followed by a search and rescue operation, according to the statement. Before the festival, sheriff's officials had asked tribal leaders to cancel the concert because it was scheduled to take place during a period the department feared would endanger the public. County officials 'believe that such events are irresponsible and it would be ill advised to stage a similar event in the future,'' a county statement read. Earlier, Chairman Edward D. 'Tito'' Smith said the concert was accepted so the cash-strapped tribe could pay for a new day care center on the reservation.