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Champion Boxer Comanche Boy Shows Youth How to Fight for Their Health

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Pro-Boxer “Comanche Boy” is leading by example out of the ring.

Native American Super Middleweight Champion George Tahdooahnippah partnered with the Comanche Diabetes Program to help teach youth campers the importance of eating healthy and getting exercise.

Tahdooahnippah lead games and spent hours to help the kids get moving. “Starting with the youth is a good place,” he said in a press release. “I want my career as a boxer to change lives for the better for all people.”

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George Tahdooahnippah

The boxer better known as “Comanche Boy” also serves as the health and fitness promotions coordinator for the camp and lead the children, ages five through 18, in sit-ups, push-ups and stretching each morning to enforce good physical activity. “It's very important to interact with the kids, and lead by example,” he said. The kids also made their own healthy snacks including avocado dip.

During the four-day event, Comanche Boy worked along side colleagues: Amanda Parker, Casey McCarthy, and Director Marilyn Figueroa. And children who attended the camp had several positive things to say about their experience over all.

Tahdooahnippah returns to the ring October 4 at the Comanche Nation Casino in Lawton, Oklahoma. In his first professional bout, Comanche Boy was defeated by Delvin Rodriguez in the sixth round during the Friday Night Lights main event in February.

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