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Chairman Kenneth M. Reels and Foxwoods CEO and President Bill Sherlock comment

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From Chairman Kenneth M. Reels:

"The Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation is greatly saddened by this horrible act of cowardly behavior against America and our American way of life.

"This disaster which took us all by surprise has touched us all and in some cases has touched some of our employees in a direct way through the loss of family and friends. To those employees, we extend our deepest sympathy and prayers."

From Foxwoods CEO and President Bill Sherlock:

"The emotional and physical well being of all our employees and their families remains one of our top priorities.

"The current tragedy is deeply saddening and a shock to our national conscience. I understand the extreme emotions that are resulting from these horrific events, and encourage all to remain strong and supportive of one another. Compassion and respect should be the rule of the day."