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Ceremony will dedicate new campus

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BISMARCK (UTN) - A ceremony is scheduled for Sept. 5 at 2:30 p.m. to dedicate the start of a new campus at United Tribes Technical College. The public is invited to attend. The event will take place at a site along Burleigh Avenue overlooking a 135 acre tract of land located immediately south of the college;s current campus.

Construction began in April on the infrastructure, including earthwork and the installation of water, sewer and electric facilities. The campus expansion will be done in phases and is expected to top $200 million when completed.

The new campus offers the college its first opportunity in 40 years to design the setting and build facilities specifically for educating college students. The current 105 acre campus was acquired by United Tribes as surplus property from the government. The 100-year-old buildings were originally built for the military and used as a training center during World War I, a detention center during World War II, and as a planning base for the construction of dams on the Missouri River in the post-WWII era.

Engineering and design plans for the new campus feature a circular concept with vehicle traffic on the perimeter. The first educational facility to be constructed will be a math, science and technology center. Work on that building is expected to begin in 2009.