Cartoonist Marty Two Bulls Profiled by Associated Press

Indian Country Today Media Network's cartoonist Marty Two Bulls has been profiled by the Associated Press

In a profile published today, the Associated Press has spotlighted one of Indian country's leading satirists -- Marty Two Bulls, cartoonist for ICTMN.

Two Bulls, Oglala Lakota, has made a name for himself and gained this sort of mainstream recognition (last year, he won a Sigma Delta Chi award from the Society of Professional Journalists) for his willingness to look at Indian country issues from more than one angle. This often puts his cartoons at odds with widely held Native opinions.

"If everyone quit drinking, then Whiteclay would go away. If everyone stopped driving their cars, Keystone would go away," he told the Associated Press. "It's simplistic. It's the way a child would look at the problem, but you know a lot of times the most simplest answers are the hardest to face because of that person in the mirror."

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Two Bulls' work can also serve as a cultural bridge between Native America and the rest of the inhabitants of Turtle Island -- baseball fans who might not take the time to read an Indian Country Today editorial can get a more immediate sense of the Indian viewpoint from a Two Bulls cartoon. "Several of his cartoons plainly ask readers to think about how odd it would be if a team name were called 'Whites,' or if stereotypical imagery were widely accepted that is racist and offensive toward minority groups other than Indians," Rob Capriccioso, ICTMN's Washington, D.C. bureau chief, told the AP. "To fans of the teams and names he highlights, his work is controversial. To an Indian reader, his work is less shocking, yet more appreciated."

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