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Canadian Genealogy Survey

First Nations citizens can participate in the Canadian Genealogy Survey, meant to determine why so many people have become interested in tracing their ancestry.
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Carleton University, in Ottawa, Ontario is conducting a genealogical survey to figure out why there has been such a surge of interest in genealogy and family history projects, and to secure correct information regarding the resources used by family members and genealogists.

According to the Canadian Genealogy Survey, between 20 and 25 percent of Canadians are actively pursuing their family's genealogy.

Freelance writer Diane Lynn Tibert reported in the Times&Transcript that she took the survey. "One question asks you to check-off sources you've used in your research: obituaries, newspapers, wills, vital statistics, census, etc. Other questions are more specific, asking which of the above sources proved most important and why. You don't need to write a book for your answer. I listed census records as being a vital resource because they connect families together," she wrote.

Tibert reported the survey took 30 minutes to complete and answering the questions took "little brainpower."

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To participate in the Canadian Genealogy Survey, click here—you must be at lease 19 years old to participate, and answers will be anonymous.

The survey is being led by Professor Leighann Neilson, of the Sprott School of Business and Emeritus Professor Del Muise of the History Department, both at Carleton University. If participants in the survey have questions, she can be reached at 613-520-2600, ext. 8511 or