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Can Johnny Depp Play Tonto? Should He?


As Hollywood actors go, Johnny Depp strikes us as among the most thoughtful -- maybe it's because we remember him as Edward Scissorhands, maybe it's because he lives in the south of France far from the Hollywood nonsense. He'll be co-starring as Tonto in a planned film version of The Lone Ranger. Depp claims Cherokee ancestry (and possibly Navajo; sources disagree), and he's a chameleon of an actor, but he's no Jay Silverheels. Does it matter? Some opinions from the Twitterverse:

kevinwmoore: "Johnny Depp having Cherokee ancestry doesn't make him a good choice for Tonto. I have that ancestry, too. I'm still whiter than Wonderbread."

NOLA_fredo: "They want to make a new Lone Ranger movie. They want Johnny Depp to be in it. They want him to play Tonto. And they just lost they mind!"

BrianHuberd: "No. No, no, no. A new Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp is beyond the realm of bad ideas. Especially w/Depp as Tonto."

Cocklewoman: "so love Johnny Depp. Tonto. Yes."

What do you think -- can the man who brought us Jack Sparrow do right by the go-to Native from TV's golden age?