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Campo election resolved

CAMPO, Calif. - A tribal election that was contested and redone has resulted in nearly the same outcome at a San Diego County reservation.

The latest tribal election of the Campo Band of the Kumeyaay Nation was finalized July 25 and settles several allegations of violations that held the election in limbo for more than three months.

The tribe;s 250 adult members ultimately elected six of the seven candidates they had elected in the contested election back in April - what was to have been an all-female tribal council if certified. July's election, however, fell short of that, with one male candidate elected to the council.

''Well, we are not an all-women council, but everyone except for one person was re-elected. I am very happy that it's over with and we can start creating our future,'' said newly elected Chairwoman Monique La Chappa in an e-mail.

La Chappa, 43, said a new election committee and a California Indian Legal Service attorney and clerk sat in on the ballot count.

Details of April's allegations were closely guarded, but tribal members had said there were four challenges, including objections to the vice chair seat for alleged violations of the election procedures by the election committee. Michelle Cuero, now vice chairwoman, was ultimately elected.

The chairwoman's seat had not been contested, but was included in the second election, La Chappa said.

''It was decided by our General Council to do the new election with the same names on the ballot as the first election.''

La Chappa is Campo's first chairwoman in 24 years.