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Campaign 2004 Introduction: Politics - Indian country style

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Indian Country Today strives to be the most comprehensive source for national Native news, events, policy and analysis. Each week we bring readers national news with local relevance as well as local news with national relevance. Campaign 2004 is no exception. As we progress into a very important year politically, our readers can expect nothing less. This year's political races from the Presidency to individual state races will be decided by the people and American Indians are shaping up to be important players in Campaign 2004.

This edition initiates a year-long program of special dedicated coverage of campaigns and elections in 2004. Each month ICT will be your source for news relating to Campaign 2004 including comprehensive analyses, in-depth series and educational features. Find out which past presidents were friends to Indian people and learn more about the 2004 candidates and what their election could mean for Indian country. We will also provide a forum for the Native voice. Who do you, the reader, think is the best presidential candidate? What are the top issues facing Indian people and how can good, workable solutions be reached? The paper will also be a valuable resource for politicians to educate themselves on matters important to Indian country.

Our campaign coverage will be an invaluable source for information on races, candidates, platforms, primaries, elections and results. In no other year has the power of Indian country been so significant, nor the ramifications more important.

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