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Campaign 2004: Indian country Oklahoma

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The first week in February is shaping up to be a busy one for Democratic presidential hopefuls. One state garnering much attention is Oklahoma - a state with a large American Indian population.

Retired Gen. Wesley Clark made Tulsa, Okla. his first stop after the New Hampshire primary. He is bringing the "True Values" tour, his vision for a better America, based on faith, family, patriotism and inclusion.

Another candidate is banking on a strong showing in Oklahoma to continue his campaign. In an interview with the Associated Press, Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman said he believes Oklahoma voters will be receptive to his bid for the White House. "I take Oklahoma seriously. Oklahoma is one of our top priority states," Lieberman said.

The other top Democratic candidates will also be campaigning in the state whose name was derived by combining the Choctaw words for "red" and "people." According to a survey performed by SurveyUSA in mid-December of 453 primary voters, Gen. Clark had captured 34 percent of the vote, followed by Dean with 21 percent and Lieberman with 11 percent. Much has changed since mid-December and Oklahoma voters will make their final decisions on Feb. 3.

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