Call for Submissions: June Jamz Music Showcase on Native Trailblazers

Call for submissions from Native American and Indigenous musicians for June Jamz on Native Trailblazers radio.

ICTMN Correspondent and Native Trailblazers Radio Host Vincent Schilling is holding the Third Annual June Jamz Native Indie Showcase on Blog Talk Radio. Schilling has hosted Native Trailblazers since 2009; the show attracts tens of thousands of listeners on a weekly basis and has been nominated for an Aboriginal’s People’s Choice Music Award. Schilling was recently selected as one of BlogTalkRadio's Featured Hosts.

“I am excited to invite Native and Indigenous artists to participate in June Jamz," says Schilling. "Folk, Rock, Country, Reggae, Hip Hop, Electronic, Traditional -- any genre at all is welcome.”

“We are also accepting songs from anywhere all over the world where Indigenous people reside and create music,” he said, noting submissions to June Jamz last year came from all over the United States and even into Canada and New Zealand.

Native Trailblazers JuneJamz episodes will also feature cameo appearances from key players in the industry, including established artists and as booking agents.

“After the third week in June, we will ask our listeners to vote on their favorite artists and we’ll play the top five on the last Friday. The number-one artist will earn their own show and promotional support,” he said.

“From the look of things already,” said Schilling. “This is going to be another amazing month of music by Indigenous Indie artists who may or may not have gotten airplay so soon.”