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Call for Aboriginal Midwives in Campaign to Promote Best Practices

The National Aboriginal Council of Midwives (NACM) is inviting applications for their Campaign to Protect the Future of Aboriginal Communities: Promoting the Profession and the Practice of Aboriginal Midwifery
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The National Aboriginal Council of Midwives (NACM) is seeking applications from First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities interested in expanding their knowledge and use of aboriginal midwives.

The initiative, the Campaign to Protect the Future of Aboriginal Communities, “aims to promote the profession of midwifery and to increase access of Aboriginal communities across Canada to the Aboriginal midwifery model of care,” the group said in a release.

The NACM will work with aboriginal communities all over the country to inform people about aboriginal midwifery and attendant services and to provide support to those that are already incorporating midwifery into their childbirth practices, the group said.

Support, which is customized to each community’s needs, will take a number of approaches to disseminate midwifery information. There will be one-day symposiums for sharing experience and exchanging knowledge, consultations with aboriginal leaders and other officials to plan ways to provide midwifery access, and to help develop protocols for midwifery in various regions.

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Communities must apply by January 20, and they’ll be notified by February 15.

Those interested in participating must send an application letter containing the name and location of community; list currently available maternal, newborn and infant health services; detail what stage of midwifery access the community is at, and what type of support your community desires.

The NACM counts midwives from all over Canada among its membership. Part of the Canadian Association of Midwives, NACM works to restore midwifery education, enable access to midwifery services and give aboriginal women the choice to bear children in their communities at their cultural comfort level.

For more information on applying and on midwifery in general, see the NACM site.