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California American Indian Chamber of Commerce Treasurer Appointed to State Building Standards Commission

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California Governor Edmund G. Brown has appointed Randy Twist (Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma), the treasurer and Northern California chapter coordinator for the American Indian Chamber of Commerce of California, to the California Building Standards Commission.

Twist, 49, a Republican of Elk Grove, California, has served as the president of TNT Industrial Contractors, Inc., since 1991. Randy's new position requires Senate confirmation and provides no compensation. His role will be “to assist in recommending and implementing all building codes in the most practical, safest and most cost effective approach to all parties involved.”

Among the Chamber’s focuses is to advocate for American Indian business representation by actual American Indian business owners on committees, councils, panels and commissions of note to business development in Indian Country—and most importantly to allow the collective American Indian voice to speak for itself. 

Chris Thomas, Onondaga, Beaver Clan, and Adah Shenandoah, Oneida, Wolf Clan, are all smiles as they share song and dance with the people at the opening of the Great Law of Peace Center.

Randy Twist

“I think it will give me added insight into how the legislative process and government agencies operate in California and how they can affect business and commerce in this state," Twist said in a statement. "As far as helping Indian Country, I think it is a significant appointment for an enrolled tribal member to participate in a state government at this level. I also believe my experiences with the commission will eventually give me the insight and knowledge to assist with building codes in Indian Country, and hopefully we will start to see more Indians in appointment positions by the administration."

About the American Indian Chamber of Commerce of California:

Founded in 1995, the Chamber is known to be one of the most progressive American Indian/Alaska Native business associations in the Country. As a 501c6 non-profit, the Chamber provides a vehicle for the support, education, networking, and advocacy for the Native business owner from and by Native business owners. The Chamber has established a sustainable grassroots organization for culturally relevant peer-to-peer business discussion and access to opportunity by bringing together our businesses, tribal enterprises, community organizations, Corporate America, government entities and those seeking to do business with our businesses. For more information on the Chamber, visit