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Cal State University Newspaper: Racist?

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When the Union Weekly, Cal State University, Long Beach’s weekly newspaper, came out March 14, it didn’t take long for readers to notice one of the articles in the publication.

A story written by Noah Kelly, titled “Pow Wow Wow Yippee Yo Yippy Yay” was supposed to be a review of CSULB’s annual pow wow. What readers held instead many are calling “racist” and “derogatory.”

The author writes about the Indian culture with sentences like “Some of the food vendors just seemed to unceremoniously add the word ‘Indian’ to whatever food they were peddling, Indian tacos?”

The pow wow, which is hosted by the American Indian Studies Program and American Indian Student Council, responded with a letter to the school president chiding the article and the author.

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The Daily Kos has reported the paper will run an apology this week from Kelly along with multiple letters in response to the piece. The report also shares a response from CSULB’s president F. King Alexander and the letter from the AISC of CSU.