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'Cake Boss' Makes Giant Casino. Giant, Delicious Casino

Buddy Valastro of Cake Boss created a cake replica of Turning Stone Resort and Casino for the venue's 20th anniversary
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On the TLC series Cake Boss, chef Buddy Valastro leads a team of bakers who create elaborate specialty cakes for clients marking special occasions. The Oneida Indian Nation is in just such a situation, holding a month-long celebration of the 20th anniversary of its Turning Stone Resort and Casino. Valastro created a cake based on Turning Stone measuring 4' by 5', with a replica of Turning Stone Tower standing 3' tall.

At the unveiling of the cake, Oneida Nation Representative and Nation Enterprises CEO Ray Halbritter addressed the public. “When we created Turning Stone Casino twenty years ago, we did so with the goal of creating a world-class destination resort," he said. Many people doubted us, but we did it. We are thankful for the loyal support of our guests, and their enthusiasm for all we do here at Turning Stone.”

Valastro added, “I share something in common with the Oneida Nation and Ray Halbritter. We both like to dream big, and we’ve had to overcome a lot of obstacles to make those dreams a reality. The Oneida Nation has built a truly fantastic resort for this community, and I am very proud to be here to celebrate the 20th anniversary.”

Courtesy – Oneida Indian Nation

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Buddy Valastro, Oneida Nation Representative Ray Halbritter and Turtle Clan Representative of the Oneida Nation Council Dale Rood proudly display the giant Turning Stone 20th Anniversary cake created by Valastro, star of TV’s “Cake Boss” program.

Courtesy – Oneida Indian Nation

Turning Stone Resort Casino, in giant cake-form, as created by Buddy Valastro, star of TV’s “Cake Boss” program. Valastro constructed the cake for Turning Stone’s 20th Anniversary Celebration.

Courtesy – Oneida Indian Nation

The crowd at Turning Stone Resort Casino looks on as the giant 20th Anniversary cake, created by Buddy Valastro, is unveiled Sunday.