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Buzzy Beats and Innuendo: Inez Jasper's 'Burn Me Down'

A review of Inez Jasper's second album, Burn Me Down, byt Janet Marie Rogers

There are three categories of music which producers refer to as “money”: pop, country and Christian rock. Inez Jasper, a talented songwriter and exquisite vocalist released her first album, the self-produced Singsoul Girl, in 2008, when she was a soul singer. Today, Inez has married her spot-on vocals to the pop genre and what rewards this move will make in her career have yet to be seen.

The new album, Burn Me Down, released August 1, is a 35-minute romp through buzzy electronic beats, Casio-inspired clap tracks and suggestive lyrics rife with innuendo. Inez has all but abandoned the cultural content found in her first album -- which contained such tracks as “Sto:lo Strong” and “Stick Game Jam” -- and if I had to guess I’d say the reason for this would be an attempt to break through the “buckskin ceiling” many native artists hit while promoting themselves as “native artists”.

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It could be the money, realizing the gargantuan following other pop artists have -- consider the YouTube numbers on Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe": 477 million views, 1.6 million likes, and 126 thousand thumbs-down. There is no question that Inez is the whole package: talent, drive, stunning beauty and a great commitment to being a good performer. However, I’m a little disappointed at the polished-plastic quality of all the songs on Burn Me Down -- it makes them quite radio ready, and she will likely find success with that. This album is saved by tracks such as "Fallen Soldier," a story song about men coming back from battle with (real voice) traditional chanting as it opens, and the heartbreak love ballad where her talents as a vocalist are finally featured.

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Promoting yourself as a pop artist can be a slippery slope. Too far down, and the artist becomes less an individual and more of a product, something built from someone else’s musical vision. Inez, your people need you, and the youth need you, just as you are. 

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