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Broadband in Indian Country to Expand

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For years, Indian country has been left behind in the broadband and communications race, only to see those times starting to change.

After hearing tribal leaders plead for help in developing modern communications networks in areas that are very remote and rural, the Federal Communications Commission unanimously approved plans March 3 to provide more broadband and communication services to Indian country.

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski said people had died on tribal lands after not being able to get a signal for their cell phones to call 911, reported Tech Daily Dose.

An outcome that shouldn’t be the norm in today’s society.

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“Technology touches every fabric of our society and all Americans should have access to these essential services. Our actions will further empower Native Nations to access and use the latest technologies to grow their businesses, increase their access to quality health care and education, reach 9-1-1 during emergencies, and receive public alerts and warnings,” said Genachowski, in a press release from the FCC.

With the vote came two other approvals, the expansion of a Native Nations wireless spectrum in tribal lands and increase in broadcast radio services opportunities.

The FCC-Native Nations Broadband Task Force consists of 30 members that Genachowski named.