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Billy Ray Cyrus Proposes Tipi Cure for Justin Bieber

Billy Ray Cyrus has reached out to troubled pop star Justin Bieber with an invitation to chill out in the country singer's tipi.
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What does Justin Bieber need -- rehab? Counseling? How about a tipi?

January hasn't been a good month for Bieber -- the pop star has made one bad decision after another, and his rap sheet is starting to overshadow whatever musical talent he may have. There was the house-egging incident, in which Bieber and friends caused an inconceivable $20,000 damage to his L.A. neighbor's crib. Then he was pulled for the very serious crime of driving while intoxicated in Miami Beach -- and to be more specific, he wasn't just "driving," he was drag-racing in a rented Lamborghini. He earned a trip to the Miami Dade County Corrections Department for that one, where he got his picture taken. Less than a week later, he was back in his native Canada, turning himself in to Toronto cops on an expected assault charge for an incident with a cab driver in December.

We've seen this sort of public flameout before, and country star Billy Ray Cyrus is reaching out to the young star lest he go the way of Kurt Cobain and Michael Jackson. To that end, Cyrus has invited Bieber to spend some time in his tipi.

“Him and his dad, if he wants to bring him, should meet me down at my farm in Tennessee,” Cyrus told “We should go up to the teepee, all of us have a couple of four-wheelers, build a great big bonfire, watch the hawks and the deer and the turkey, refocus a little bit. Sometimes getting back to nature can do that. I’m going to offer it up to him. If he wants to come down to the farm and get away for a little bit, I think it’d be great. I’d meet him there. I’ll build the fire. I’ll gas up the four-wheelers.”

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Billy Ray Cyrus is the father of Miley Cyrus, whose public antics have also drawn criticism. For those who'd prescribe Miley some tipi time, rest assured she's getting it -- in her own $25,000 tipi, installed in her back yard in November.

Billy Ray Cyrus has said that he is part Cherokee, and out of respect for Native Americans has Geronimo and Chief Joseph tattooed on his forearms. Bieber drew scoffs from First Nations readers in 2012 when he told Rolling Stone that he believed himself to be "enough percent" Native to get "free gas" in Canada.