Bill Maher on ‘Real Time’: Indians Don’t Give a Sh*t About Mascots

HBO host Bill Maher shared his views on an episode of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher citing people are overly sensitive about cultural appropriation. He also said "Indians don't give a sh*t" about mascots.

HBO host Bill Maher shared his views last Friday on an episode of HBO’s Real Timewith Bill Maher that people are overly sensitive about cultural appropriation. Maher also said most Native Americans are not offended by the Washington Redskins name and logo, according to a Washington Post poll and that celebrities need to stop apologizing and groveling regarding cultural appropriation.

Real Time with Bill Maher is a weekly panel show that often features guests who discuss current events with an emphasis on politics, journalism and social issues. 

On Friday January 27th, Maher’s regular segment was titled: “New Rule: Stop Apologizing,” in which he outlined his disdain for liberals on social media who cry foul regarding cultural appropriation.

“Liberals … get offended for people who themselves do not get offended. You know that whole controversy about the name Washington Redskins? They did a survey. Nine out of 10 Indians don’t give a shit,” said Maher.

“Why would they? Their ancestors learned firsthand that the New England Patriots cheat.”


Maher then went on to criticize Hilary Duff and Chris Hemsworth for apologizing to Native people for wearing Native-oriented costumes for a party last year.

He said, referring to Hemsworth, “You didn’t offend Indians any more than you offend gays when you wear a cape and hammer guise.”

As listed on the Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) YouTube channel, the video of that segment is listed as follows: [Warning, explicit language]

In his editorial New Rule, Bill calls on liberals to stop attacking each other over political incorrectness and instead focus on real issues.

The show began airing in 2009. HBO has renewed Real Timewith Bill Maher through 2018, for its 15th and 16th seasons.

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You can read my unofficial polls on Twitter and an online survey which demonstrated more respondents than the Washington Post poll and nearly opposite results.

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