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Big Bear's Next Act: Saginaw Grant Raising Funds for 'Eagle Lake'

Saginaw Grant, who played Chief Big Bear in The Lone Ranger, is using Kickstarter to solicit backing for Eagle Lake, a film he has co-written

Saginaw Grant, fresh from his performance as Chief Big Bear in The Lone Ranger, is eager to tackle his next project, and the 76-year-old actor is embracing the power of the internet to try to make it happen.

"Eagle Lake," a film in which Grant would star, along with Rick Mora and Mariana Tosca, is currently seeking funding via Kickstarter. Grant co-wrote the screenplay with Raymond Spiess, who will direct the movie. The story involves Danny, a 12-year-old boy, whose life is changed by the arrival of a wayward uncle he has never met. According to the description at Kicksterter, "this story deals with what our youth are up against in today's fast paced world of never ending technologies coming at them in every direction and taking them down a path that pulls them away from what family used to be about."

Others already on board include producer Max Velez, casting directgor Lani Melisa, and cinematographer Yasu Tanida. You can learn more about the film on its Facebook page.