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Beloved Elder's Last Words Posted on Twitter

Most of his followers knew him as Metchitoweweyin or @Harv_Durocher on Twitter, but his formal name was Harvey Durocher. He was a proud N?hiyaw?win, lover of Mother Earth and all things sacred.

According to his Twitter feed, he was a huge supporter of justice for the missing and murdered women in Canada as well as a supporter of Native youth and vocal activist about Canadian government policy. He was also kind, yet stern if need be.

University of Idaho

This image shows Steve Martin, Art Taylor, and Sherman Alexie at HooPalousa at the University of Idaho.

On December 2, Uncle Harv’s family member George Roy mentioned with a heavy heart and sorrow that the great man had crossed over. But before Durocher passed, he asked his family to transcribe a letter, which they posted to Twitter.

The last words to Indian country from respected elder Harvey Durocher are as follows:

November 27, 2013

In the event of the Passing of Metchitoweweyin AKA Harvey Durocher We the family, were asked to transcribe this open letter & post on his Twitter account.

A few last words spoken by Uncle Harv himself.

I know my time is nearing, I have been called, My Ancestors have called my name.

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Just know this I have such great respect for the younger generations and believe you will emerge as leaders to take the next couple of generations to a better home life with education, opportunities into warm safe housing with clean drinking water.

It will be a struggle but you young ones have the strength, power and truth of the land and the spirit of our ancestors to take your communities forward.

To all that are on the walk to bring justice to our missing and murdered women and girls I praise you all for your work and encourage all to keep the fight alive, As we cannot forget these Women they are a part of us and represent our Mother Earth.

To all the men out there, Be true warriors respect all women, stand before them, listen to them, protect them. Never forget warriors you are who you are because of our women the life givers.

To all the Chief and Councils across our lands, listen to your people be the ears of the needs of your communities, take an oath of Mother Earth, that you will protect your lands and waters for all your people, not just for today, but for your next generations and for all the unborn.

Take your fights to the government and fight as you never have before.

Remember you are fighting for not yourself but for your people, your community. Lead with honor and respect of all your people and those of neighbouring nations. Never forget that you are the leader of honor not a privilege.

I would like to sincerely encourage you all to try and mend your differences and support one another to make this a better place for the future of our children and all natural life. And if you so decide to be involved with some movement and or organization I totally respect that, but I encourage you—deeply encourage you—to always be doing something to make a difference in our world. A difference for the better.

May you all walk softly on mother earth

Feel the blessings of our creator and ancestors