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Beloved Canyon Records Engineer Jack Miller Walks On

Canyon Records has informed ICTMN that Jack Miller, known as the "Father of Audio" in Arizona has walked on.

Canyon Records has informed ICTMN via email that Jack Miller, known as the "Father of Audio" in Arizona and an inductee to the Arizona Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame, has walked on. Further details regarding his passing are not yet known.

As listed on the Canyon Records website Miller’s career in the recording industry stretches back to his teenage years to include work in Los Angeles and Phoenix. Miller recorded over 4,000 albums throughout his long career.

The Canyon Records website also spoke about what made Miller such a special force in Indian Country:

His sensitivity to the music and the artists he's recording is what sets him apart from most engineers who are too concerned with the technical aspects as opposed to capturing the essence of the performance. His ability to make the performers "feel at home" in this strange environment adds a very special touch and feel to the session.

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The list of artists Miller worked with includes the following:

Duane Eddy, Donnie Owens, Waylon Jennings, Wayne Newton, The Monkees, The Animals, Herman and the Hermits, R. Carlos Nakai, Sanford Clark, Ted Newman, Jessie Colter, Glen Yarborough, The Rolling Stones, Andy Williams, Joshua Heifitz and Henry Mancini, among thousands of others.

ICTMN will follow up with details as they are released.