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Beer Wars: Budweiser to Stop Delivering to Whiteclay

One beer distributor has decided to stop delivering beer to the town of Whiteclay, Nebraska according to Oglala Sioux Tribe President.
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In a press release from Oglala Sioux Tribe President Bryan Brewer on July 10, High Plains Budweiser announced that it would no longer be delivering alcohol to the town of Whiteclay, Nebraska.

According to a Rapid City Journal article, Jeff Scheinost, the owner of the distributor in Scottsbluff, made the decision due to repeated incidents, marches and road blockades.

“This decision marks a significant victory in our efforts to stop the flow of alcohol in to our communities from Whiteclay,” Brewer said in the release.

High Plains will only deliver as far as Rushville, Nebraska, a town about 20 miles south of Whiteclay as Indian Country Today Media Network reported on July 12. (Related story: Blame Game: Nebraska Gov. Tells Oglala Whiteclay Their Problem, Not His)

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Whiteclay vendors then would be expected to pick up the product themselves and take it to the stores. A practice that is illegal and tantamount to bootlegging according to the release.

Retailers cannot act as its own distributor and Nebraska follows a three tier system that separates producer, distributor, and retailer.

“I and all people concerned must ask the Nebraska Liquor Commission to uphold their own policies and laws and prevent this from happening. If this process continues to take place we ask the Liquor Commission to revoke the licenses of those profiting from these illegal alcohol sales,” Brewer said.

“Residents of Rushville, Nebraska have great cause for concern that their fine community will be used as a tool of the alcohol industry’s bootlegging scheme. I would hope that the Nebraska highway patrol and the Dawes Country Sheriff’s office are also aware of these illegal ploys,” Brewer continued.