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Beautiful Photos from 40th Annual Cherokee 4th of July Powwow, Cherokee, N.C.

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Photographer Amy Morris attended the 40th Annual Cherokee 4th of July Powwow in Cherokee, N.C. 

Event coordinator Daniel Tramper let Amy know they had 372 dancers and drums and 4,872 visitors for the weekend at the Acquoni Expo Center, with $60,000 in prize money. Amy came back with some great photos for ICTMN. Take a look! 

1.Heavy rains passed, the 4th of July Grand Entry returns to the outdoor arena for the evening dance competitions. Amy Morris/

JC Brown, 10 year old grass dancer. Amy Morris/

Jingle dancer. Amy Morris/

Champion Fancy dancer Eric Bird is performing with The Warriors of Ani Kituwah. Amy Morris/

Audience favorite winner of the Cherokee warrior contest Michael Crowe is one of the official cultural ambassadors in The Warriors of Ani Kituwah for The Eastern Band Cherokee Nation. Amy Morris/

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After dark, fancy shawl dancer. Amy Morris/

Jingle Dancer Dakota Brown, Wolf Clan is competing. Amy Morris/

Fancy Dance Competition. Amy Morris/

Fancy Dance Competition. Amy Morris/

Grass dancer Josh Richardson. Amy Morris/

Grass Dancer Richard Langdeau, Lakota from South Dakota, has been dancing his whole life. Amy Morris/

Charles Mesteth Oglala Lakota, competing. Amy Morris/