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Beast Mode! Marshawn Lynch Beats Lummi Fan's Drum in Seahawks Victory Parade

Beast Mode! Seahawks Player Beats Lummi Man's Drum
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During the Super Bowl victory parade in downtown Seattle yesterday, running back Marshawn Lynch got the crowd’s attention.

As he rode in the WWII-era Duck vehicle, Seattle Seahawks' running back Marshawn Lynch heard a fan beating on a drum. So, of course, he did what any normal football player would do, he asked if he could borrow it.

"As soon as he heard me beating the drum and he saw me, he turned around and looked right at me," John Scott, 41, told The Bellingham Herald. "Our eye contact was immediate. He kept waving his hands and asking for (the drum).”

And, like any fan in the crowd would do, Scott handed it over.

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"I was a little hesitant at first when I realized he was asking for the drum. It's pretty expensive. But then I realized it was Marshawn Lynch asking. I had a good vibe, and I had some good feelings in my head. It was kind of like me blessing the gift, and I gave it to him. I patted my chest to let him know it was from my heart, and let him know he could keep it."

For the remainder of the parade route, and as the players arrived at Century Link Field, Lynch was seen banging the drum which is a 22-inch WestShore Canoe Family hand drum that Scott had owned for at least six years.

"It was an awesome moment - being from Bellingham and part of the Seahawks nation," Scott, who is part Lummi, said in a phone interview to The Herald. "I've been getting a bunch of text messages about it."

The drum is considered sacred and used in traditional ceremonies. According to Scott, its value is between $150 to $200.

"I was just honored to give it up to him," Scott told The Herald. "It's how our native people do it. It was like a blessing from our people to the Seahawks."