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Bears on Bath Salts? Two Beastie Boys Brawl on a Florida Lawn, Caught on Camera

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Bears are growing bolder and bolder of late. Last year they started awakening earlier than normal from hibernation in Montana and Colorado. Elsewhere last summer a Xaxli’p First Nation elder was mauled to death by a bear in British Columbia, Canada, and just this month a bear was euthanized after snacking on the remains of a convicted murderer, also in British Columbia.

These two bears were caught on camera duking it out on a suburban front lawn, of all places. The initial clip, raw footage of the battle, included a sequence of them behind the bushes, doing who knows what. Unfortunately that has since been deleted "due to multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement," according to YouTube. But don't miss this news report below, containing interviews with neighbors and some perspective from a bear expert, as well as a look at the damage that the battling beasts left behind—fur, blood, giant paw prints and some trashed shrubbery.

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