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Bead Work Exhibit Opens

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ANADARKO, Okla. -The Southern Plains Indian Museum administered by the
Indian Arts and Crafts Board of the U.S. Department of the Interior,
announced the opening of a promotional exhibition, Paul McDaniels Jr. Bead
Work, on May 23.

Paul McDaniels Jr., an enrolled member of the Kiowa Tribe, was born July
12, 1957, to Paul McDaniels Sr., Sioux/Zuni, deceased, and Maude Mausape
McDaniels, Kiowa. Born in Cortez, Colo. McDaniels spent his earliest years
in Colorado, as his parents were employed by the Ute school in Towaoc. In
the spring of 1960, the family returned to its original home in Anadarko.
There McDaniels and his three siblings, Cruz, Gina and Pam, spent the
remainder of their childhood and attended Anadarko Public School.

During the late 1960s and early 1970s, McDaniels learned loom work from his
mother, gourd stitch from Alice Chaddlesone, and feather work from Max
Silverhorn. As a senior in high school McDaniels began to work at the Kugee
Supernaw Indian Store in Anadarko. This is where he learned about bead work
and the various types of beads, including instruction on making German
silver cones. Although his original teachers were no longer available for
instruction, McDaniels' desire to learn was strong, and in the mid-1980s he
began to produce beaded items.

His designs have won him two awards at the American Indian Exposition in
Anadarko. In 1986, he won "Best of Show" and "First Place" for a beaded
purse, and in 1999, he received "First Place" for a buckskin dress.

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McDaniels' bead work will be on view at the Southern Plains Indian Museum
through July 14.