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Battle of the Little Bighorn Site Still For Sale, But Not on the Auction Block

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The town of Garryowen, Montana didn't make it to the auction block on August 15. Siting a lack of bids, Williams and Williams, the auction house handling the sale canceled it at the last minute and will now be selling the town as if it were a regular real-estate transaction.

"We have a variety of people that are interested in the property. In fact, some foreign people," auctioneer Tommy Williams told KULR-8 Television. They've valued the town at over $1.5 million and are confident it will sell.

Garryowen, located in southeastern Montana near the Little Bighorn River on the Crow Indian Reservation, was also the site of the 1876 Battle of the Little Bighorn between General George Armstrong Custer with his 7th Cavalry and Lakota and Cheyenne warriors.

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Battle of the Little Bighorn Site For Sale