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Battle of the Little Bighorn Site For Sale

Garryowen, Montana—a western town known the world over as the site of the Battle of the Little Bighorn where, in 1876, General George Armstrong Custer and his hubristic 7th Cavalry met their match against sundry Lakota and Cheyenne warriors—is now for sale.

Town owner Chris Kortlander said the starting bid is $250,000. The bidding begins August 15. Last year Kortlander listed the town on eBay for $6.9 million, a price he wasn’t able to fetch.

The 7.7-acre, two-person town, located in southeastern Montana near the Little Bighorn River on the Crow Indian Reservation, is also home to the Custer Battlefield Museum, which lately has stirred controversy over a pair of gauntlets allegedly worn by Custer during the battle.

Kortlander, 54, is the museum’s founding director and said he will not comment on the future of the museum.

“The board of directors have met and we have decided not to give comment until after the sale,” Kortlander wrote in an email to Indian County Today Media Network. “There’s too many factors that are unknown at this point. Once the dust settles, we will have more of a clear vision.”

Kortlander, formerly of Malibu, California, added that he currently has no plans to leave Garryowen.

“It depends on the new owner,” he wrote. “I’m prepared to stay on staff as long as somebody would want me to for a transition phase … or possibility of any new museum project.”

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Kortlander said the question of his relocation “really can’t be answered until I know the plans of the new proprietor.”

Recent health concerns have prompted Kortlander to put the town up for auction. Kortlander didn’t specify which malady he currently suffers from.

According to a article, which poorly illustrated American Indian warriors as the aggressors of the Battle of the Little Bighorn, whoever purchases the town will not only inherit a convenience store but also a gas station.

Garryowen is the name of an Irish-style medley adopted by Custer’s 7th Cavalry.

The sale is being hosted by Auction Network.

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