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Balmoral Mound

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Indian Country Today Media Network took photographer Frank McMains out to glimpse the Balmoral Mounds, part of Trail Three’s seven-mound tour. The Balmoral Mounds are in the parish of Tensas (named for the Tensas Indians), among the least populated and poorest parishes in the state of Louisiana, but a stunning, fertile portion of the state that includes huge farms and Montana-sized skies overheard, the type of blue dome that seems to go on forever. The three mounds here form an equilateral triangle on the east and west sides of US 65, on the south side of Bayou de Rousett. An investigation in 1963 found that this site was occupied between 700-1200 AD, thanks to decorated ceramics and radio carbon dating. Cores from two of the mounds suggest they were built in single stages at about the same time, the third mound on the site has yet to be investigated.

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