Bald Ambition: 10 Hairless Animals That Will Make You Cringe

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Vincent Schilling

ICTMN often covers the bald eagle as a true symbol of Native culture. But what about other bald animals?

And no, we don’t mean different-colored hair or feathers similar to the bald eagle’s white head and brown body. We mean literally hairless, or, in one case, featherless.

This being the official Silly Season, we here at ICTMN have gotten a bit punchy. We came across a few of these animals and compiled a list of bald wonders that look strange without their beastly locks. See if you can guess what these 10 animals are, sans hair.

Dolores: Not Hairy but Scary

This strange animal, which looks almost like a cross between a gargoyle and a dog-faced cat, is named Dolores. This animal that resides at the Leipzig Zoo in Germany has been throwing experts and doctors for a loop as to why she’s losing hair. Give Up? Dolores is a bear.

Little Guy With a Big White Beard

Whoa! This little pink wonder with froglike legs, white whiskers and a Freud-style goatee became an Internet star in 2009 when it was born bald. The ears might have given it away, but in case you are still wondering, this is Alice in Wonderland’s friend, the rabbit.

Watch Out! Bald Oscar Looks Tough!

He glares at the photographer as if to say, “Whatchu lookin’ at?” This bird with one swooping feather on his head looks like an evil Pokémon character. With the wings poking back into a frightening finger-like appendage, can you guess what this is? Oscar is a Moluccan parrot/cockatoo that suffers from beacon feather, a malady in which a bird’s feathers are irritated, causing the bird to pluck them.

Good Luck Guessing This One

Even with distinct black markings on its eyes and paws, we’ll bet that few people will be able to guess the name of this poor little animal suffering from some sort of mange or fungal infection. Perhaps if you were to catch it washing its hands before a meal you might recognize this little one as a raccoon.

Karmatt the Pink, Clawed Gummy Bear

Karmatt requires a few hints. This animal that looks like a puppy crossed with a mouse—or a pink gummy bear with claws—actually stays in the mother’s pouch for the first seven months of its life. As he gets older, he will grow normal fur and coloration. Any guesses? It’s a wombat.

A Walking Dead Pet?

This scruffy little guy who looks like he might happily perch on the shoulder of a brain-seeking zombie on the latest episode of the Walking Dead in reality is probably suffering from mange or a mite infestation. Not to be confused with its rodent cousin, the rat.

A Giant Hairless Microbe?

This creature looks like something you’d see magnified 1,000 times under a microscope but is actually just an infant. We are not going to hold back the answer on this one. It is an echidna, a spiny anteater that lays eggs and produces milk like the platypus, and is born without hair.

No Less Strange, but MUSCULAR

You might be able to guess what type of animal this is by knowing it’s from the primate family. Perhaps one of the most interesting things about this hairless animal is the pure strength that is apparent in its musculature and physical frame. This is a chimpanzee that is suffering from hair loss, also known as alopecia.

Skinny, Hairless and Popular

Certainly looking strange without hair, this little ‘rugless’ rat is a pet that has been growing in popularity over the past several years alongside, cats, dogs, gerbils and goldfish. Though the reason for this poor guys hair loss is unknown, we can tell you that this is a ferret.

What the Heck? This Poor Hairless One Is From Zimbabwe

Spotted in the countryside of Zimbabwe, this poor animal probably lost her hair from alopecia. Given that she’s got spots all over her skin, a dark colored nose and dark hands and feet, most people would still be hard-pressed to identify this as a baboon.

A Rooster

No one would have a problem guessing this was a rooster. But we wanted to show you because … well hey, it’s a rooster without feathers.

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