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'Bad-Ass' Native Women in 'Young Lakota' Documentary Praised by UpWorthy

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    Original: posted the trailer for the documentary "Young Lakota," drawing attention to "bad-ass" women, including twin sisters fighting to reverse a cultural stigma on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, and Cecelia Fire Thunder, the first female president of the Oglala Lakota Nation, who tried to establish a women's clinic on the reservation that offered women the right to choose.

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What Native American Heritage Month Means to Me by Sunny Clifford

The film, which aired on PBS in winter 2013, covers the resulting impeachment of Fire Thunder and the effect it had on then-21-year-old twins Sunny and Serena Clifford, Oglala Lakota members.

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Five years later, the young women were still rallying to make a difference for Native women in South Dakota and throughout Indian country. Sunny Clifford, a Pine Ridge Tribal park ranger, created petition that sought to make Plan B available—and affordable—to all Native girls and women. Her efforts ultimately prompted the Indian Health Service to expand access to emergency contraception at all IHS facilities with pharmacies.

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Check-out the "bad-ass" women in the "Young Lakota" trailer: