Bacone College Aims to Increase American Indian Recruitment

Bacone College tries increasing Native American student recruitment with various American Indian scholarships for members of tribal nations.

Bacone College in Muskogee, Oklahoma began as the Cherokee Baptist Mission at Tahlequah, Indian Territory in 1880 with three students. Today, the school has 874 students—of those, 225 are American Indian. By 2020, Bacone hopes to increase that number so 51 percent of its students are Native.

To get to that number, the college is offering a number of scholarship opportunities for Native students. Through its Center for American Indians, the school is offering full tuition, room and board with the American Indian Learning Work Community program and full tuition to resident students through the American Indian Students of Promise program.

Through the Rennard Strickland School of Tribal Law and Criminal Justice, out-of-state Native students can try for full tuition, room and board with the Rennard Strickland Learning Work Community program and in-state Native students have the option for full tuition with the Rennard Strickland Students of Promise scholarship.

Bacone offers athletic scholarships for American Indian students as well. For students attending from outside Oklahoma, there is the American Indian Athletic Learning Work Community scholarship, which offers full tuition, room and board. For students from within Oklahoma, there is the American Indian Athletes of Promise scholarship, which offers full tuition

Aside from athletics, Bacone is offering academic scholarships to in-state students for art, educators and leaders that cover full tuition.

To qualify for any of these, Native students must be a member of a state of federally recognized tribe. For more information, Native students wishing to apply can contact Bacone College Admissions at 918-781-7340.