Award-winning water bottler with a new conscience


MARCHAND, Manitoba – As an environmentally conscience company, Canadian Gold Beverages Inc. of Marchand, Manitoba, continually works to improve both the health of the planet and consumers. CGB has made ecological changes to the packaging of its award-winning beverages that has made its products safer for the consumer and better for the ecosystem.

Most purchasers of bottled water enjoy the sparkling waters they purchase, throw the plastic bottles into the recycle bin, and think they have safely enjoyed pure water and have responsibly disposed of the litter.

However, according to the Washington, D.C., Earth Policy Institute, 86 percent of plastic water bottles do not even make it to recycling facilities. That translates into nearly 83 billion bottles plowed into our landfills every year. It will take hundreds of years for these plastic bottles to disintegrate.

To help battle global warming, reduce overflowing landfills and still be able to enjoy the world’s top-selling beverage, CGB has developed a safe, Food and Drug Administration-approved oxo-biodegradable bottle, cap and label. The totally oxo-biodegradable bottle, cap and label make CGB one of the first companies to offer this amazing breakthrough product in North America.

“We are very dedicated to working toward solutions to help protect our environment,” stated CGB President Rene Lamoureux, who is of Saulteaux descent from the Dakotas. “Our conscience will not allow us to do any different. We are devoted to producing the best quality water consumers can buy, while selling it in packaging that doesn’t harm the ecosystem. We are thinking and acting for the well-being of future generations. In a nutshell, we are a company with a conscience.”

CGB’s bottle is not the PLA cornstarch version that is out in the United States, but a new technology. The bottle will degrade in approximately 20 months.

The oxo-biodegradable packaging and sparkling spring waters are also used in the company’s fruit-flavored beverages. These products safeguard against some of the adverse health effects of the chemicals used in standard plastic containers.

According to the Ecology Center in Berkeley, Calif., the manufacturing process used to produce plastic bottles releases chemicals that have negative health effects on people – they can migrate from the plastic into the beverages they contain. In contrast, the CGB new oxo-biodegradable bottle is made of natural materials that don’t harm people or the environment, and are safe even when used at high temperatures.

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