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Author writes about totems and spirit animals

Stan Hughes aka Ha-Gue-A-Dees-Sas (Seneca for “Man Seeking His People”) has written a book called “Medicine Seeker” that will be published by Northern Lights Press this spring. One of the sections in the book has to do with helping people find their totems or spirit animals (or helping the totem or spirit animal find its human).

He developed and copyrighted a self-assessment survey with almost 200 indicators as stepping-stones toward reaching communion between the two-legged and his or her totem. He has also drawn pictures of some of the North American spirit animals which include an explanation of what each does for its person. There are at least seven pathways the totem uses to reach its human; the ‘stepping-stones’ address each of the venues:

• Environmental Preference

• Personal Preference

• Personal Characteristics

• Affinity Toward Animal

• Supernatural Communication

• Other’s Perceptions

• Familial Bonding

Contact the author at for the book or samples from it. I would like a 700 – 800 word piece reviewing the book and interviewing the author. To be turned in once book review was ready.

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