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From Australia to Standing Rock: Videos From the Indigenous Artist You Need to Know, Nahko Bear

Nahko Bear: Millions of YouTube hits, Sold-Out Shows from Australia to Standing Rock: Here are Videos From the Indigenous Artist You Need to Know,

If you are not yet aware of Nahko Bear, you should take a look at an artists who is bringing his music to the world's stage. His rock collective, Nahko and Friends is a hip-hop / folk group led by Nahko Bear, (Puerto Rican/Native American/Filipino) that continues to grow in popularity. Proof of this popularity can be seen with millions of views on a majority of his YouTube videos.

Nahko Bear says without formality, that he is an artist and a citizen in service to the planet. He also says his current tour, Medicine for the People, was born out of a public, musical journal of his journey toward personal, spiritual, and social healing.

In addition to his latest journeys all over the world to include Australia and the front lines of Standing Rock amidst the NoDAPL water protectors, he will also be performing this weekend during the Gathering of Nations at a sold-out event known as Dear Patriarchy alongside the likes of Winona LaDuke, Radmilla Cody and Tanaya Winder.

Nahko Bear and Medicine for the People - Screen capture website

Nahko Bear and Medicine for the People.

In recognition of his continued contributions to the world and to indigenous people, here are a collections of videos and music created by Nahko Bear.

Love Letters to God

Published in January of 2017 and directed by Josue Rivas, Love Letters to God is a video highlighting the plight of the Standing Rock

water protectors. The song is from the album HOKA by Nahko and Medicine for the People.

Nahko "Warrior People" - Gondola Sessions

On a gondola ride up Aspen Mountain, Nahko Bear from Medicine for the People gives a passionate performance of his song "Warrior People."

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Nahko and Medicine for the People - I Mua (Official Video)

Starring Hawane Rios, I Mua is another beautiful track by Nahko Bear.

Nahko - Build a Bridge (Live at the Independent, San Francisco)

In this beautiful live performance, Nahko Bear sings about feeling disconnected as an Indigenous man in a non-indigenous upbringing. His melodic "Build a Bridge" lyrics are echoed by an audience, many of which are moved to tears.

Great Spirit

In an almost prayerful tune, Nahko Bear calls to the Great Spirit and it's connection to all people of the world.

For more information about Nahko Bear to include tour dates, news and more music, visit his website at

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