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Aspiring Bond girl: Alex Rice

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HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - In a feature article in last summer's Tongue magazine, published by 1970s rocker Gene Simmons, "No Reservation: Native actress Alex Rice Scalps Hollywood," Rice stated, "I want to be the first Native American to host Saturday Night Live. I want to be the first Native American Bond girl.

"Entertainment has a Lucy Lui, a Jennifer Lopez and a Halle Berry, but they don't have an Alex Rice yet," she added. Even though it has been a rough road for her as a Mohawk Indian from Quebec, Canada, she just may become that Bond girl.

When Rice first came to Hollywood, casting agents turned her away because they felt there was no audience for Natives in mainstream films. That didn't stop Rice, she has found her very own following after her feature film debut in the critically acclaimed independent film "The Doe Boy" (2001). The film won numerous awards after coming out of the Sundance film festival and it gave Rice exposure to filmmakers not only in Hollywood but around the continent as well. A fan from Canada said, "To you Alex Rice, may all your dreams come true and a whole lot more. Thanks for being an inspiration to some of our people here. You're inspiring a lot of young people who have similar dreams. Keep up the good work."

Rice has made guest star appearances in several TV shows including, "Spin City" (ABC), "Strong Medicine" (Lifetime), "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" (CBS) and "The Sopranos" (HBO). She landed the role of the beautiful Janet Pete in PBS mysteries, "Skinwalkers", "Coyote Waits" and "Thief of Time." Based on the best selling Tony Hillerman novels, Rice was perfectly cast. She portrayed a rookie public defender just out of law school that caught the eye of Jim Chee played by Adam Beach. Rice went on to win the best actress award from the American Indian Film Institute in San Francisco for her role as Janet in "Coyote Waits."

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Rice has been seen in the critically acclaimed ABC mini-series "Dreamkeeper." Rice gives a delicate and modulated performance as She Crosses the Water. Rice can also be seen in other films including, "Chasing Indigo", "The War Bride", "Thunderbird" and in "Lewis and Clark: Great Journey West" as the legendary Sacagawea. Last October, the Vancouver International Film Festival premiered "On the Corner" starring Rice in the lead female role. She portrayed Angel, a prostitute addicted to heroin desperately trying to get her life back in order. Rice said in the Tongue magazine article, "I remember reading the script the first time around and shedding a lot of tears. I immediately thought 'If they want me, I'm going to do it.' Once I got it, I was totally committed and devoted." That is exactly what she did with the role of Angel and earned the best performance to date of her promising career. Critic Diane Burgess said, "Alex Rice gives a remarkable performance as Angel, a woman whose toughness emerges from denial that is increasingly stripped away."

What is next for Rice is unknown but it seems she has the talent and the beauty to reach that dream of being the first Native Bond girl.

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