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Artist Jaque Fragua Having Fire Sale of Work, Perhaps Literally

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We recently received an interesting e-mail from semi-itinerant graffiti artist Jaque Fragua, Jemez Pueblo. He laid out some of his future plans, which include a return visit to Miami Art Basel (December 6-9 -- see our report on their adventure last year) where he and the AIM Krew painted a mural last year. After that, he'll be heading with the Krew to San Juan, Puerto Rico, for more art adventures. "There's a chance I might not come back haha," he quipped.

Fragua is also moving, and looking to sell some of his paintings. And it's an everything-must-go situation; he would like for them to find homes, "Otherwise I'm just gonna make a smoke signal outta them."

One of Fragua's most recent exploits, a collaborative mural project called The Hour Has Arrived, received favorabe media attention from the arbiters of urban art at Juxtapoz and Arrested Motion. The Hour Has Arrived took place during Santa Fe Indian Market and featured a lineup of esteemed artists including El Mac, Ernesto Yerena, Hoka Skenandore (Oneida/Oglala Lakota/Luiseno), KOFIE, Rose B. Simpson (Santa Clara Pueblo), Watermelon7 (Isleta Pueblo) and Yatika Starr Fields (Cherokee/Creek/Osage).

But back to Fragua's endangered paintings -- all the below works are for sale; if you're interested in purchasing one you can reach the artist at 

Coal Train

Cowboy & Injuns

Fig. 1

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