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Armie Hammer: Native Americans Feel 'Lone Ranger' is 'Awesome'

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With the final movie trailer now online (see it below) and the countdown to the July 3 release date heating up, the media blitz for Disney's Lone Ranger is on. The movie has generated controversy in Indian country due to the casting of Johnny Depp, and not a Native actor, in the role of Tonto. Armie Hammer, who plays the title character, recently gave his perspective on Native American reactions to the film, in an article in the L.A. Times.

The American Indians in the cast and crew, Hammer said, "were nothing but excited about it. They loved it—they're thrilled." He added that "it's so funny, because every Native American we talked to was like, 'This is awesome! I'm so excited.' And every white person we talked to was like, 'How dare you cast a non-Native American?' It’s like, the white people are the one who have the problem, but the Indians—the Native Americans—are like, 'This is great. We love it.'"