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Arise TV Focuses on Navajo Nation Settlement

Simon Moya-Smith went on Arise TV, dedicated to representing "the experiences of under-served communities," to discuss the Navajo Nation settlement.
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Arise News Now Weekend, which is part of the global news network, devoted a segment on Saturday morning to the Navajo Nation settlement and Native sports mascots. Fresh off his appearance on The Daily Show, ICTMN correspondent Simon Moya-Smith provided perspective on the issues from Indian country.

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Arise has been online since February 2013, and was founded by Nigerian media mogul Nduka Obaigbena to compete with international news organizations like BBC, CNN, and Al Jazeera. The company's About page proclaims that "The agenda is bold, but it’s simple - unclouded by partisan political interest. ARISE NEWS has a mission to cover issues and world events that matter - and to truly represent the experiences of under-served communities. We seek to champion the voices of emerging and frontier markets."

Obaigbena is building on a media empire that began with THISWEEK, the most influential newspaper in Nigeria, and his ambition is impressive. 

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"At Arise, what I am beginning to be able to do is to invite guests and book the kinds of interviews that I don't think you're going to see anywhere else," Host Francesca Maxime told ICTMN. "I also want to talk about people who have been categorically disenfranchised and excluded from their place at the table and sit down and have conversations about stories that have to do with issues that, as humans, we all can connect with."

To watch Arise TV programming, visit; Arise America also has a dedicated YouTube channel that carries selected episodes.