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Are We On the Rez? – 3 Signs You Probably Are

This week we have three new ways to tell you’re probably on the rez, from a beat up pickup truck to everyone knowing you by a nickname.

Indian Country has definitely stepped up on the list … You Know You Are Probably On the Rez When.

This week’s suggestions come from the Native American Community on Google+ – next week? Maybe Facebook or Twitter – just keep using the hashtag #OnTheRezWhen.

SUBMIT YOUR OWN: Have a great way to tell … You Know You Are Probably On the Rez When?

Tweet to correspondent Vincent Schilling on twitter and use the hashtag #OnTheRezWhen. You can also email him at

When your pickup only opens on one side

Yes David White, we all know the pickup with one working door. But hey at least it runs, even if it does leak oil, and has four different tires, and has the ceiling lining stapled so it doesn’t flap in the wind, and only gets AM radio, and needs water every time you stop for gas and … well you all get the point in two words. Rez Car or on this point, Rez Truck.

Of course Zephyre Lilith added … when your truck starts with a screwdriver, and only goes in reverse.?

Sarah Sunshine Manning.

When you don’t know a person’s birthname

You called this one right Fay Hurtado, We all have a slew of people at the store, or any other hangout that we call by their “later in life given names, nicknames or just plain, They just started calling me that name” names. You know the ones, Chippy, Dray, Ready Freddy, Spam, Lockdown and Fry? Yeah, I’ve always meant to ask how they got those names.

Sarah Sunshine Manning.

You put out a dish of scraps for all the neighborhood dogs to eat

Thanks to Charity Merrifield for this keeper. Yes, we all know why we do it, we leave scraps out for those dogs – without a collar. Who else is going to feed these poor pups? Sometimes they are even waiting out there for us. Somebody’s got to do it. The yellow one that bites is looking a little skinny.